About Us

Our History

Medex is a pharmaceutical company which imports, supplies, promotes and distributes pharmaceutical products to doctors, wholesalers, drugstores, pharmacies, private clinics and governmental institutions all over Lebanon. Medex partners share the company’s values, ethics, quality standards and high level of professionalism.

Since its foundation by Dr. Pascale Geha in 1996, Medex continues to focus on discovering and developing qualitative, innovative and efficient products. Medex, represents exclusively today, after 18 years, a range of products from well-known Laboratories, mainly Europe and Switzerland.

What make us unique are our exceptional high level of quality focusing and our distinctive level of services combined with a steady strength to deliver superior value added products. Moreover, our consumer-market oriented approaches and our deep knowledge of local and regional markets are our strengths.

We also believe that this success is due to the great team working at Medex; A team of passionate, encouraging, rigorous and devoted people who work enthusiastically to meet Medex’s mission, vision and values.

Our Mission:

  • Deliver a comprehensive range of pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals and food supplements products; which are developed to meet quality, innovation and efficiency.

  • Continuously study the market in order to convey not only quality but also performance, safety, tolerance and cost-effectiveness, keeping pace with the market needs and demand.

At Medex we strive to apprehend our mission by setting the highest standards of ethics, commitment, reliability, transparency and safety, while maintaining client confidence, satisfaction and loyalty. Besides, establishing and maintaining an excellent relation with our clients and partners are considered to be the main aspiration for our company growth and continuity.

Our Vision:

We aim to be one of the major reliable and most reputable suppliers of pharmaceutical products in Lebanon and the Middle East. Our aim is accessible by acquiring Innovative, Unique and Qualitative products in order to serve the market needs and requirements. We believe in constant improvement and we are always seeking for new worldwide business opportunities.

Our Values:

In a competitive market such as ours, we need to have a strong code of ethics, whether with our teams, with our customer or even with our suppliers.

Ethics are the fundaments for every relation we build.

Quality, High Standards and Trust are our chart.


In the competitive market, we need to have vigilance towards our choice: many new products, many competitors. Therefore, Medex is constantly working on strategic planning and analysis: studying, analyzing and rejecting more or less most products that does not meet our standards.


Our standards are Efficiency, Performance (clinical studies), Safety and Tolerance. That is why all our products must meet CEE, FDA and GMP standards.

We pride ourselves on promoting and supplying only quality products monitored by our regulatory department and government, while shipped under severe control to guarantee quality delivery.


Our partners are based in all four corners of the world and while they delegate us their products, we commit to gratify their interests in our company and promise to increase their product potential.


"After 18 years, Medex became today symbol of quality and credibility in the Lebanese market

and a reliable business partner"